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(Author of Happy Healthy You) KJ Landis answers her readers’ most asked wellness questions.


Folks often ask me questions by email or in person after reading my website. The internet is full of answers, but sometimes the science changes, and so must we adapt to new information Here are some of the questions I received and researched diligently over the years to answer to the best of my ability. I am here to help you in your wellness journey.

Q: I thought I was the fittest and most committed one in the gym. Then this teeny, tiny, totally ripped woman walked into the room, and my self esteem plummeted. What gives?
A: This is a classic case of doing your best versus being the best. Showing up and working mind, body, and spirit toward your health and healing goals are huge steps to undertake. You are here and doing your best. You are reading this book for a reason. Honestly looking at yourself, the journey, and the transformation occurring right now is what counts. You are doing your best. Say this ten times and be happy where you are right now. I guarantee there will always be someone leaner and fitter than you. I also guarantee there will always be someone larger and less fit than you. That larger person may have felt defeated in the same way you did when she or he walked into the room. The smaller and fitter woman or man may have been you six months ago. We cannot figure out everybody else’s pathway to here and now, so just focus on you. Do you. Be you.
Q: There are so many fat burners out there. How do I know which ones really work?
A: After spending lots of money on fat burners purchased at the local pharmacy or health food store with no results except very expensive pee, I decided to use pharmaceutical grade fat burners with no fillers or binders. I use gelatin capsules that do not contain soy. After losing fat and weight, I reduced my collection to three that seemed to have the best effects on me. I take cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and carnitine tartrate. Two out of the three are food based so they are more bioavailable than synthetic fat burners.
Carnitine tartrate powder is an amino acid that supports fat burning and energy levels. Cinnamon regulates blood sugars throughout the day and reduces sugar cravings because there are less dips in energy. Cayenne pepper increases the heat in the body and revs up metabolism. The three fat burners together can lower cholesterol, balance sugar levels in the blood, and improve circulation. I stopped taking anything else because when I reduced my supplements, these were the deciding factors in my stabilization of weight and mood. When I experimented by taking away the synthetic fat burners, there was no difference in my health or my perception of my health. Again, read the labels. Products with less fillers and binders are better for us, and will be better absorbed by the body.

​KJ Landis

Happy healthy you

Your Total Wellness Toolkit For Renewing Body, Soul, and Mind

Health and wellness: Happy Healthy You is a multidisciplinary approach to reclaiming ultimate wellness. We are all so busy nowadays, and tackling all those to-do lists can leave us drained, worn down, and lacking energy. When you take a deeper look inside, you will also discover patterns, old habits, and past events blocking self-growth. Life coach extraordinaire KJ Landis helps identify how, why, and where we got stuck in the first place, and how we can utilize past trauma and drama as a springboard to becoming our most authentic, vibrant selves. As one of KJ’s students enthuses, “She has taught me several tangible strategies to cope with stress…I am using KJ’s simple techniques to achieve my lifelong health goals.'”

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