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Kim Jocelyn Dickson (author of The Invisible Toolbox) discussed the superpower of reading, with a special focus on reading to your children.

In our 9th episode, we talked with Kim Jocelyn Dickson about the superpower of reading. Thank you again Kim for sharing your wisdom in the #joysuperpowers series! 🥰Kim is a teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the classroom. She’s also the author of “The Invisible Toolbox: The Power of Reading to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence ”. Her love for reading has inspired her to write numerous articles in psychology and literature.In our discussion, we talk about the challenges of reading in the modern world, the benefits of developing a reading habit early in your life as well as the reasons why reading is linked to a higher life satisfaction ✨You can listen to our podcast on all of the major platforms as well as through the direct link in the comments down below. Please subscribe to our joyful podcast and don’t forget to follow us on social media! 🎧

The Invisible Toolbox

The Invisible Toolbox

The Power of Reading to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence

Longtime elementary school teacher Kim Jocelyn Dickson believes every child begins kindergarten with a lunchbox in one hand and an “invisible toolbox” in the other. In The Invisible Toolbox, Kim shares with parents the single most important thing they can do to foster their child’s future learning potential and nurture the parent-child bond that is the foundation for a child’s motivation to learn. She is convinced that the simple act of reading aloud has a far-reaching impact that few of us fully understand and that our recent, nearly universal saturation in technology has further clouded its importance.

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