Reconnecting with Community with Anastasia Washington & Jenna Busch

(Author of Your Goal Guide) Debra Eckerling can help you reconnect this month with helpful tips- shared on #GoalChat.

My May theme is Reconnecting, and this week’s topic was Community. Actress/comedian/filmmaker Anastasia Washington and journalist/writer/author Jenna Busch joined me for #GoalChatLive. In April the duo interviewed me during the #TheBookFest Spring edition. It was so much fun, I had to have them on my show. We talked about food, dancing, running … and networking, naturally! We shared stories of the olden days of networking (you know, 15 months ago), as well as how we have been connecting with others online over the last year.

I often say having a community is essential because you can’t achieve your goals on your own. Jenna and Anastasia agree.

“You need your people,” Jenna says.

“We need to be in other people’s minds and vice versa,” Anastasia added.

While a lot of our conversation was swapping stories and chit chat, my guests had some great tips for putting yourself out there and making the most of meeting new peeps.

Connecting Conversation Tips

  • Introverts, give yourself an out when you arrive at an event. Have somewhere you have to be, whether it’s IRL or via Zoom, so you can gracefully exit at anytime.
  • Feeling lost? Say “Hi” to the extroverts! They’ll include you in conversations.
  • Bring a buddy to events or find a buddy once you get there!
  • Walk up to people who have pets and start conversations.
  • Wear a conversation starter. Complement other people!

You can start conversations anywhere, be it at an online event, in real life, at the dog park, the store. The key to expanding your tribe is to find your people – whether it’s professional or for a hobby. Make connections. Start conversations. Support each other. You never know where a new friendship will lead.

Watch Reconnecting with Your Community on #GoalChatLive

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Your Community Goals 

  • Anastasia: Find something that uniquely represents you that you can wear to networking. that will gives you power!
  • Jenna: Pick one of your hobbies and find a community online. Look for the hashtags to find conversations on Twitter and Instagram. Start by reaching out to two new people a day or week.

Community Reconnecting Final Tip 

  • Jenna: Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • Anastasia: Have a digital business card.

What’s your tip for reconnecting with community and finding new peeps? Please let us know in the comments.

Watch Jenna & Anastasia’s Interview with Me at #TheBookFest

Next Week

On the next #GoalChat we will be talking about Reconnecting with your Spirit. Join the Twitter chat on Sunday, May 23, at 7pm PT on Twitter. Then, on Monday, May 24, at 4pm PT, Suzanne Gundersen, Dr Meg Haworth, and Robert Manolson will join me on #GoalChatLive.

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