Robin Pickering Guest on Guild of Dads Podcast

Robin Pickering, author of A Modern Approach to the Birds & the Bees, was recently a guest on Joe Horton’s Guild of Dads Podcast, listen to the episode here.

A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees

A Parent’s Comprehensive Guide to Talking about Sexuality

Raise sexually healthy kids. As parents, we want our children to be armed with scientifically accurate sexual education. But many of us lack the information, tools, and skill to be able to effectively engage in these complex conversations with our children. This is where Dr. Robin Pickering’s A Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees comes in. This book is an essential tool for parents, informing them about key issues surrounding sexual health so that they are better equipped to engage in age-appropriate, evidence-based, informed discussions with their children that improve sexual health and reduce risk behaviors throughout their lives.

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