Rosemary Restores You

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of The Herbal Healing Handbook) describes the pros of usingrosemary- a stimulate for raising mental alertness.

Rosemary is another of the herbs that thrive best in warm Mediterranean climes but can weather the cold. Tough to grow from seed, cuttings are an easier way to start your row of rosemary plants in your garden. Pots of this bushy plant can enjoy being outdoors in spring and summer and then come in from the cold to a sheltered porch or inside by a sunny window. As a bonus, it requires little water. Rosemary is fantastic as a seasoning for potatoes or roast chicken and makes any Sunday supper taste better and brighter. You can pinch off the aromatic needles to dress plates or sprinkle into soups and stews. Beyond all of what it can do to enhance your cookery, this is a primary plant for rejuvenation. It is prized for how it restores after lingering illness; elixirs and essential oils made from rosemary stimulate, raise mental alertness, and energize as they comfort. In Greco-Roman times, rosemary was believed to help the memory. An excellent kitchen witchery practice is to take dried or fresh rosemary and add it to a steam for an easy infusion where it aids breathing, muscle aches, and anxiety. You can accomplish the same by adding rosemary to a hot bath, either in a fresh sprig or wrapped in a little cheesecloth to keep the rosemary from scattering. Lie back and relax, remembering happy times in your life and those that lie right ahead of you.

The Herbal Healing Handbook

How to Use Plants, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy as Natural Remedies

Heal the natural way. In her latest work, bestselling author Cerridwen Greenleaf shares the healing power of plants, roots, herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, and all things natural remedies. If you are tired of automatically turning to chemical treatments, or just want to have more plant-based care options, The Herbal Healing Handbook is the book for you. It is a must have for those seeking health solutions that work from Mother Earth.

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