Sagittarius Soul Stones & Heart Crystals

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Magic of Crystals and Gems, has written a new blog post on soul and heart stones for Sagittarius’, take a look!

Sagittarius Soul Stones & Heart Crystals

First Half: November 22-December 5

Tourmaline—specifically the multihued specimen known as melonstone, which is pinkish red with a blue-green stripe—is the precious soul stone for the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians. Individuals under this fire sign are lively and very action-oriented, and tourmaline, which readily gives off an electrical charge when warmed, can match and propel their energy. Tourmaline is the stone for adventurers and explorers. Get some today and hit the road, dear Sag.

Amber is the power stone for early Sagittarians. This rock formed from fossilized tree sap and resin, an organic crystal. Amber was thought by the ancients to have trapped the sun, and it was called electron by the Greeks, who observed its negative electrical charge. Even wildly active Sagittarians should wear this stone only on special occasions. It keeps energy cycling within, which is good, but it can have a weakening effect if worn all the time. Amber helps performers; actors and musicians swear by it.

 Chrysocolla is the heart stone for first-half Sagittarians. Either blue or green, this copper-rich crystal is one of great life-giving vibrancy. Sagittarians always have many irons in many fires and often burn up their energy in typical fire-sign style. Chrysocolla can help prevent this and help Sagittarians direct their energy toward more purposeful and heartfelt pursuits.

Sagittarius, Second Half: December 5-December 20

Tourmaline is also the soul stone for later-born Sagittarians. (See “Sagittarius, First Half,” above.)

Turquoise is this group’s power stone. The rock has a rich and colorful history and was valued in the extreme by Persians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Bedouin, Chinese, Tibetans, Native Americans, and Turks. Turquoise is associated with horses and riders; Sagittarius is the centaur of the zodiac—half man and half horse. Once revered as the eye of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, turquoise lends sight and aids in travel. Wearing this stone will help people born in this part of the year to find their purpose and harness the passion and vision to see it through.

 he heart stone for second-half Sagittarians is bornite, a burnished red rock of copper and iron. Bornite used to be called peacock ore because of its impressive iridescent coloration. It is a very powerful energy crystal. Although it is not widely known, Sagittarians can be indecisive, and this stone abets them in overcoming that. This is also a stone of justice; Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians are lovers of justice

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