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Sandy Rosenthal, author of Words Whispered in Water, has been featured on Today’ for her work with her nonprofit, take a look.

Sandy Rosenthal is a New Orleans author whose debut book––Words Whispered in Water––is about how she changed the national narrative about the flooding disaster during Hurricane Katrina.

Rosenthal founded the major non profit––with 25,000 supporters and chapters in five states––directly due to being evacuated for the 2005 storm.

Ever since the levee failures and flooding, Rosenthal has worked nonstop to separate the facts from the fairy tale.

In March of 2019, Rosenthal unveiled a Flooded House Museum at a major breach site. Rosenthal hosts a guided Levee Breach Bike Tour every May. These are just a few of the sustainable ways that Rosenthal separates fact from fiction.

For her efforts, Rosenthal has been honored with numerous awards most recently including Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year from Tulane University in 2018.

When Rosenthal is not advocating for safe levees, she plays tennis, practices yoga and dances to cajun music. Rosenthal is founding member of the Laurel Eagles, a mentoring program and the Divine Revelers of Terpsichore, a Mardi Gras parading group.

She has three adult children: Aliisa, Mark and Stanford and one granddaughter, Ellie. She also has two small dogs named Twinkie and Cupcake.

Words Whispered In Water

Why the Levees Broke in Hurricane Katrina

It’s a horror story, a mystery, and David and Goliath story all in one. In 2005, the entire world watched as a major U.S. city was nearly wiped off the map. The levees ruptured and New Orleans drowned. But while newscasters attributed the New Orleans flood to “natural catastrophes” and other types of disasters, citizen investigator Sandy Rosenthal set out to expose the true culprit and compel the media and government to tell the truth. This is her story.

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