Self-Sabotage with MJ Fievre, Tara Reinbolt & Annie P Ruggles

Debra Eckerling (author of Your Goal Guide) discusses what self-sabotage means to her and the guests of #GoalChat.

This week, fellow Mango MJ Fievre (the Badass Black Girl series), Tara Reinbolt (Secrets to Career Success Summit), and Annie P Ruggles (Non-Sleazy Sales Academy) joined me to discuss Self-Sabotage on GoalChatLive. We had a lively, fun, and informative conversation on something that impacts everyone at some point in their personal and/or professional journey.

According to our guests, self-sabotage is …

Annie: Doing the things that lead you away from success

MJ: Saying yes, when you should say no

Tara: Continuing behavior that use to help you and is now a detriment

MJ, Tara, and Annie shared their own self-sabotage experiences, along with their thoughts on the why, how – and how not to – self-sabotage.

Watch our Conversation on Self-Sabotage

Also, check out the full GoalChatLive conversation on Self-Sabotage in the Twitter Moments Recap.

Your Goals for Combatting Self-Sabotage

  • Annie: Do three “asks” for business this week. Annie is doing five!
  • Tara: Ask yourself what destructive or sabotaging behavior you are normalizing. Then, get rid of it!
  • MJ: Visit and take part in the 7-day challenge: “Say No once every day this week!” Added by Deb: Once it’s a habit, make sure you say No at least 3x/week.

Final Thoughts 

  • Tara: When you get in tune with who you are, it’s much easier to get over self-sabotage and reach your goals
  • MJ: Set boundaries
  • Annie: Embarrassment sucks, but you won’t die. Put yourself out there!

What’s your tip for self-sabotage? Please share it in the comments.

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