Serene Space Spell: House Magic

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Even if you don’t ascribe to magic, you would probably guess that certain flowers and herbs have their own energies, in the same way they have uniquely lovely scents and oils. Simmer this mixture whenever you feel the need to infuse your home and hearth with the energies of quietude and protection. This will safeguard you and your loved ones from outside influences that could be negative or disruptive. Set your intention for how you want your space to feel and gather together the following dried herbs:

 1/4 cup rose petals

1/3 cup rosemary

1 tablespoon basil

¼ cup sage

1 teaspoon juniper berries

1 tablespoon dried cloves

4 sticks cinnamon

1 medium size bowl

2 cup water

1 medium size pan

1 wooden spoon

 Put all the herbs, flowers and spices into a bowl and gently blend the mixture together by hand. While you are doing this, close your eyes and visualize your home as a sacred place protected by a boundary of glowing white light. Imagine that the light runs through you to the herbs, flowers and spices in your hand and charges them with the energy of safety, sanctity, and protection. Add this mixture to a pan with 2 cups simmering water and stir with a wooden spoon. When the aromatic steam rises, intone:

Made of flowers and fire,

Thus brew brings the peace I desire.

With my hands, I make this brew

To bless our home and hearth anew.

And so it is.

I let the brew simmer for at least an hour before turning it off.  As the sweet and spicy fragrance imbues your home with cleansing energy, enjoy the blessings brought by this simple house magic.

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