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Dr. Jerry Lynch (author of The Competitive Buddha) joins CoachYas to share insights on how we can help ourselves and our athletes.

Episode Description

Episode #110 of The Coaches Network Podcast.

The guest for this episode is World Renowned Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch.

Dr. Lynch is the founder and director of Way of Champions, a performance consulting group geared toward helping others master the inner game. He maintains a private practice and an extensive sports psychology consultation service. He is the father of four high energy, athletic children..

Dr Lynch joins CoachYas to share insights on his latest book The Competetive Buddha and how we can help ourselves and our athletes by becoming servant leaders. Enjoy & please don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast an leave us a review!

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The Competitive Buddha

How to Up Your Game in Sports, Leadership and Life

Connect Spirituality to Sports. The Competitive Buddha is about mastery, leadership, and spirituality. Learn what you need to keep, what you need to discard, and what you need to add to your mental, emotional, and spiritual skill set as an athlete, coach, leader, parent, CEO, or any other performer in life. Understand how Buddhism can help you to be better prepared for sports and life, and how sports and life can teach you about Buddhism. Discover how people from all parts of the world have brought together the Buddha and athletics for greater fun, enjoyment, and pleasure during their performances. Dr. Jerry Lynch demonstrates how certain timeless core Buddha values inspire you to embrace and navigate unchartered waters, and understand the Buddha-mind and the Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality.

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