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Say it Now author Sherry Richert Belul has been featured in an article for UpJourney on why kindness is important, read the article here.

30+ Reasons Why Kindness Is Important

Sherry Richert Belul


Founder, Simply Celebrate |
Author, Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to the Most Important People in Your Life

Kindness is not only important, it is essential — especially when people are going through dark or grief-filled times.

Kindness gives us a sense of well-being

When we turn our attention to kindness, we are immediately transformed — even before offering whatever kind word or gesture that is on our mind. The simple act of thinking, “how can I offer kindness to myself, someone I love, or the stranger in front of me?” will give us a sense of well being.

It is akin to walking down a dark road and suddenly we see a path that is lit up, with tiny lights lining the road. What a difference it makes to walk that path of light, right? Simply thinking of kindness is like that.

And then, of course, when we carry our small acts of kindness, we get to see the impact. We can see how kindness to ourselves can change the way the day unfolds. We see kindness to others when their faces brighten with a smile or when their shoulders release like we’ve taken a weight off for them.

Kindness is often free to offer — an encouraging or uplifting word, a smile, an offer to assist with something — yet its ripple effects are invaluable. We will never know how our acts of kindness transform the world because each person we impact with love may impact so many other people’s lives.

Never underestimate the power of one simple act of kindness —to yourself or to others— because it truly could change your entire day. And that day could change your week. That week could change the rest of the year — or your whole life.

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