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(Author of Your Leadership Moment) Eric Martin introduces his 6-month leadership series called Leading Through Uncertainty!!!

Leading Through Uncertainty 2021

A 6-Month Action Learning Program

Tackle complex organizational and community challenges by applying Adaptive Leadership! Shine the Light in partnership with Adaptive Change Advisors invites you to join our 2021 learning cohort. This six-month certificate series offers community leaders a new framework for mobilizing change during this time of uncertainty and transition.

Your Leadership Moment

Democratizing Leadership in an Age of Authoritarianism

Be a leader who changes the world. Your Leadership Moment is an account of the democratizing leadership of three ordinary people leading extraordinary change. It’s an exciting expansion of Adaptive Leadership that can help anyone learn to lead. Through stories of success and failure, Martin teaches what’s possible when people discover the capacity and courage to lead regardless of identity, history, or access to power and financial capital. His book provides tools and techniques to discover and leverage your leadership moments for a better world.

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