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You Are An Awesome Woman author Becca Anderson has written a new blog post on the art of slowing down and enjoying your life.

Slow Down

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“If you realize too acutely how valuable time is, you are too paralyzed to do anything.”


“To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep.” JOAN KLEMPNER

“Like kids, adults need time-outs too, but it’s usually to keep from doing something bad rather than as punishment.”


“A good rest is half the work.” PROVERB

“Relaxation is an art that has been made very difficult to practice by the conditions of modern civilization.”


“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” LILY TOMLIN

“Regardless of your religion, go inside a local church, temple, or synagogue and sit for a half an hour when there is no service happening. Simply sit and enjoy the company of your thoughts, the mellow lighting, and the reflective atmosphere.”


“If you don’t take naps, take one! Take a nap in the middle of the day when you are unusually overwhelmed. Just doing this once during an “off limits” time will renew your sense of self and allow you to stay on task the rest of the time!”


“Take a bath early in the morning, before you begin your daily routine. Get up earlier if you have to and immerse yourself in the tub. You will have a relaxed day.”


“Interrupt your daily routine on a weekend by doing nothing; it brings a fresh perspective.”


You Are an Awesome Woman

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