Slowing Down to the Speed

Joe Bailey (author of Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane) joins the Happier Now podcast for a discussion on rediscovering a peace of mind.

Pod 37: “Happier.NOW: Slowing down to the Speed of Life – with Joe Bailey”

This is a special episode of Lyckligare.NU / Happier.NOW in English. In this episode Niklas and Philip have our new friend Joe Bailey as a guest. This is a really wonderful conversation and we had such a great time while recording this episode.


“I have written five books on this new paradigm that are in 65 countries and 26 languages. I have spoken to organizations, universities, and the media throughout the world over the past 33 years. I have taught at several universities and consulted with many professional organizations to bring these principles to their employees and the clients they serve, including mental health agencies, addiction treatment centers, hospitals, businesses, government agencies, and schools.”

You can read more about Joe Bailey, the books, the pod cast and much more at his website:

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Lyckligare.NU –

Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane

Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times

What is the Transformation Principle?  This principle is a realization of the fundamental way our mind works that brings about a “transformative resilience” that radically shifts the way we understand ourselves and our chaotic world. It creates an inner strength and self-confidence, enabling us to see it is our thinking that creates our experience and the quality of our lives.

Burnout prevention and resilience in a changing world. As a leader in the field of addiction therapies and strategies for overcoming fear and burnout, Joseph Bailey has piloted a number of programs on transformative resilience at the Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical School―Center for Spirituality and Healing, addiction treatment centers, and healthcare facilities. Thousands of students, clients, and professionals have been inspired and educated by his Transformation Principle. He has provided his program of practical tips and proven methods to first responders and a variety of professions including businesses, social service agencies, hospitals, universities, and school communities.

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