Soak Your Soul Replenishment Rite

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Moon Spell Magic) helps you set up this purification bath to rid yourself of negative energy.

Soak Your Soul Replenishment Rite

 To rid yourself of negative emotions, try this purification bath. Draw a warm bath at noon when the sun is at its healing peak, and add the essential oils into the water as it flows from the faucet:

  • Two drops rosemary for calm
  • One drop peppermint for stimulation
  • One drop lavender for energy cleansing
  • Three drops thyme to relieve mental exhaustion

As you soak and steam, repeat this prayer four times.

Sadness I release you – goodbye.

Fatigue, I release you – goodbye.

I greet this day anew, I great my life renewed.

Blessed be.

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