Something We All Need To Hear

Charlene Costanzo (author of The Twelve Gifts From the Garden) reminds us to call upon our strength in great times of need.

“When you look back over your life
and see how much you’ve had to face…
it’s interesting to try and pinpoint the first time…
you had to reach inside yourself
and pull out strength
you didn’t know you had.”
–  Loretta Lynn

Whether or not you take time today to reflect upon the first time, or any time, you reached within and discovered you had strength beyond your previous understanding, please remember, as Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

More beautiful too. It’s true.

Let’s put our gifts to good use.

With joy,

The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

Life Lessons for Peace and Well-Being

Translating the beauty of botany. If you look closely, plants sprout with willpower and bloom with determination. Drawing from the beautiful nature of trees and flowers, Charlene crafts garden-inspired messages from her experiences with healing and understanding. Inside, find quotes, reflections, and bonus material:

  • Pen-and-ink line drawings with illustrations of flowers, leaves, and garden plants
  • Charlene’s Twelve Gifts resource and lessons learned in the garden
  • An epilogue from two other locales─Sedona, AZ and St. John, VI

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