Soothe-Your-Spirits: A Self-Care Spell

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Witch’s Guide to Ritual, has written a new blog post where she details how to create a self-care spell that will soothe your soul, take a look.

Soothe-Your-Spirits: A Self-Care Spell

Why does every day seem like it is a week long nowadays? Unplugging from cable news and constant social media feeds will help, as will this time-tested aromatherapy healing potion. This remedy is an excellent way to recharge and refresh after a hectic week, and it is most potent when made right after the sun sets, by the light of the moon.

In a small ceramic or glass bowl, gently mix together the following essential oils with a small amount of a base carrier oil:

2 drops bergamot

4 drops carrier oil (apricot or sesame, ideally)

2 drops vanilla

1 drop amber

2 drops lavender

Take off your shoes so you can be more grounded. Walk outside; stand on your deck or by an open window. Now, close your eyes, lift your head to the moon, and recite aloud:

Bright moon Goddess, eternal and wise, give your strength to me now.

As I breathe, you are alive in me for this night.

Health to all, calm to me.

So mote it be.

Gently rub one drop of this Calm Emotion Potion on each pulse point: on both wrists, behind your ear lobes, on the base of your neck, and behind your knees. As the oil surrounds you with its warm scent, you will be filled with a quiet strength.

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