Soul Stroll, and What is the Scoop on Resveratrol?

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What is the Scoop on Resveratrol?

We hear a lot of news about health discoveries and scientific trials that sort of fade away over time. They had their 15 minutes of fame. What happens years later to the facts? Do people stick with the fad if it is scientifically backed up? When new information comes to the forefront we may not read up on it or accept the news because we are married to the facts from the big bang the first report gave us. Let us look a bit deeper into resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in grapes and their products, such as fermented wine and spirits. Resveratrol is a polyphenol which holds heart protective properties. Other fruits and vegetables also hold these same polyphenols. Wine has been the star of the group, especially red wine.

In the 1980s a study was done observing the diet of the French population. The coined words were “the French Paradox.” They ate loads of cheeses and other fatty foods, yet their heart disease rates were low. It was thought that the consumption of red wine daily along with the fatty foods were helping the French stay slim, disease free, and live a long and healthy life. We welcomed the news here in the USA with open arms. We drank more red wine and ate more fatty cheeses and meats than ever! And we Americans got more sick with chronic diseases since the 1980s. What gives?

Well, the 1980s gave birth to the low fat and no fat trend here in the USA as well. That was the flip side of the coin that helped us get obese and have the related conditions as well. It seems that one or two glasses of wine a day are okay, but must be eaten with a healthy meal. Cheese can be a part of the meal, but not the entire meal should be made up of cheese, prosciutto, and wine…We need to balance out the healthy veggies and fruits we eat as more a portion than the wine and fatty foods. The Mediterranean style of eating is common in France, as well as in other European countries. That may have been a bigger factor than the wine. Lots of fish and fibrous foods are included in the Mediterranean lifestyle of eating.

There is no data on the resveratrol supplements helping in the same way as grapes, wine, grape juice, and the other lifestyle factors the French population carry out for their low rate of heart disease. Plus, recently it has come to light that the doctors underreported the actual number of deaths by heart disease. It is 30+ years later! New data, new clinical trials, and observational studies are needed. So, enjoy your wine and cheese in moderation. Keep eating the rainbow and exercise daily. Smile at a stranger under the face masks! Even if someone cannot see your smile doesn’t mean they cannot feel it. Laugh often and a lot. 

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