Sowing Seeds of Positive Change in Your Life

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Nature is the ultimate creator. At a nearby gardening store or hardware store, get an assortment of seed packets to plant newness into your life. If your thumb is not the greenest, try nasturtiums which are extremely hardy, grow quickly and spread, beautifying any area. They re-seed themselves, which is a lovely bonus.  Light the following candles:

Green candle and peridot or jade for creativity, prosperity and growth

Orange candle and jasper or onyx for clear thinking and highest consciousness

Blue candle and turquoise or celestine for serenity, kindness and a happy heart

White candle and quartz or limestone for purification and safety

 Put the seeds under the soil with your fingers and tamp them down gently with your wand, the branch, which you should also stick in the ground at this time. Water your new moon garden and affirmative change will begin in your life that very day

the magic oracle book

Ask Any Question and Discover Your Fate

Stuffed with quotations from Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and William Shakespeare, this oracle offers the reader a chance to reflect, meditate, and forecast their future. As many are moving away from organized religion and toward a more general spirituality, the audience for this mindful companion will continue to grow.

  • Cerridwen Greenleaf has sold over 120,000 copies of books
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