Stephanie Seferia‪n‬ Guest on Podcast

Sustainable Minimilism author Stephanie Seferia‪n‬ was a guest on Lara Vanian-Green’s Armenian Enoug‪h‬ Podcast- listen here!

Armenian Enoug‪h‬ Podcast:

Sustainable Minimalism

Embrace Zero Waste, Build Sustainability Habits That Last, and Become a Minimalist without Sacrificing the Planet

Break the consumption cycle. There’s so much to do, and way too much to buy. Whether it’s through late night TV ads, social media, or other sources of influence, we are addicted to buying and then storing things. Sometimes we consume with no regret and other times we realize that we’re doing more harm than good to our wallets and our homes. It’s a constant cycle―one that many are longing to break. Who wants their hard-earned money to go toward something that soon ends up in a landfill?

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