Sudden Loss: Your Heart Is Hurting, But Healing is Possible…

New blog post by author Chelsea Hanson.

I see you. I hear you. I know you.

You can’t imagine your life without your loved one. You feel so deeply sad by this sudden loss, and perhaps angry at the same time. Your heart is hurting.

How could this happen? And why?

Like you, people I loved died.

I lost both my dad and my mom suddenly. And when I was young.

My heart, my spirit, my life was broken.

It’s taken me years to work out the answers.

And I don’t want you to struggle like I have.

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The sudden loss survival guide

Seven Essential Practices for Healing Grief (Grief and Bereavement Book)

The audience for The Sudden Loss Survival Guide includes readers who have suffered the unexpected loss of a beloved person. These losses occur from natural causes, undiagnosed medical conditions, accidents, road crashes, suicides, natural disasters, and acts of violence.

The readers are college-educated adults who are interested in self-help, continual learning, and balanced lifestyles. They read at least four books per year and keep them on their bedside or living room tables for easy access.

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