Sweetheart Tea, and Sacred Wood and Herbs for a Happy Home

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Holy Smoke: Sacred Wood and Herbs for a Happy Home

I heartily approve of the Danish tradition of hygge which is a lovely form of self-care togetherness. The Scandinavians integrate hearth fires into this custom so we’ll take it one step further by adding sacred herbs on top of the wood for a cleansing, purifying and therapeutic twist to hygge home fires. You can either bundle the herbs together with string or lay them on top of the unlit wood. I do both and speak this spell before lighting the fire in your fireplace or firepot.

 Warmth and love, heart and heat,

Tonight, all good things we shall greet.

These sacred herbs will burn so sweet;

As we gather by this fire and merry meet.

And so it is.

Now light the fire with your loved ones or your lovely self and enjoy the holy smoke.

 Sacred Wood and Herbs for Home Healing

 Mugwort is also an energy cleanser but also causes refreshing sleep and meaningful dreams

Cedar has been relied upon for centuries to clear out the negative. The smell is very appealing and is widely regarded as a sacred planet in cultures all over the world where it is used to bless homes.

Sage is beloved for smudging and space clearing but it is greatly beneficial for meditation and a quiet mind.

Roses are bring sweetness and peace to any space and are also excellent for contemplation

Sweetgrass, highly prize by Native Americans, brings forth a communal sense and higher mind

Bayberry is considered a lucky and also brings in more pure, positive energies to your home

Lavender relieves insomnia, sadness, low moods and anxiety and brings comforting calm

Juniper was long used as a purifying smoke for temples and is now believe for revitalizing powers

Sweetheart Tea

Here is a quick recipe to create exactly the right mood for a dreamy evening:

• Stir together in a clockwise motion

• 1 ounce dried and pulverized rosehips

• 1⁄2 ounce peppermint

• 1⁄2 ounce dried lemon balm

You can store this in a tin or colored jar for up to a year for those special evenings. When you are ready to brew the tea, pour boiling water over the herbs, two teaspoons for every cup of water. Say the following spell aloud during the five minute steeping and picture your heart’s desire:
Herbal brew of love’s emotion 
With my wish I fortify
When two people share this potion 
This love shall intensify
As in the Olde Garden of Love.
Sweeten to taste with honey and share this luscious libation with the one you love.

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