Take Care of Yourself: Quotes and Tips for the Holidays

Seasonal Guide to Taking Care of Yourself Quotes Affirmations and Tips for the Holidays

When it comes to trying to take care of yourself, quotes and affirmations are great resources for keeping a positive mindset–especially during the holiday season. Although the holidays can be a magical time full of love, thoughtful gifts, and good tidings, they can also take a toll on your mental health. The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) states that 64% of people with mental illness report it worsens during the holidays.  Whether it’s healing from the aftermath of New Years Eve or a dreaded dinner during Thanksgiving, self-care, self-love, and self-awareness practices can make the holiday season a little less dreary, and a bit more bright.

In celebration of a healthy holiday season, the team at Mango Publishing Group has selected 17 quotes from our best-selling books to help you take care of yourself. Practice self-love and be gentle with yourself and your body with A Body to Love, exercise self-awareness with Love from the Inside Out, and treat yourself to an aromatic moment with Terpenes for Well Being.

For a list of quotes to take care of yourself , check out Mango’s Seasonal Guide to Taking Care of Yourself: Quotes, Affirmations, and Tips for the Holidays.

Self-Love Quotes

Self-love is accepting yourself in every way, shape, and form. Throughout the season, you may be missing someone who lives far away, stressing over the perfect gift, or dreading family dinners. That’s why this holiday, self-care looks a little different. Take a peek at some ways to take care of yourself with quotes and tips from our Mango authors.

“While you are strong and can overcome anything, be kind to yourself.”
—M.J. Fievre, Resilient Black Girl

Resilient Black Girl: Stand up for yourself! Blended family gatherings can sometimes invite offensive opinions, but Resilient Black Girl gives you the tips you need to address them.

Resilient Black Girl by M.J. Fievre cover

Many of the people we look to boost our self-esteem don’t have the skills to love themselves either, so there’s a good chance that we’re receiving the wrong message.
–M.J. Fievre, Badass Black Girl

Badass Black Girl: Embrace yourself and identity! When you find yourself comparing your holiday traditions and customs to others, Badass Black Girl reminds you of the badass you are!

Badass Black Girl by M.J. Fievre cover

Healing is a prescription that has to be filled every day.
–Marita Golden, The Strong Black Woman

The Strong Black Woman: Though you may be strong, allow yourself to process all emotion. The Strong Black Woman reminds us that our sole job isn’t to be the problem-solver and caretaker.

The Strong Black Woman by Marita Golden cover

There’s no reason to be so hard on yourself, you are managing as best you can.
–Kate Allan, Therapets

Thera Pets: Sometimes, all we need to get through tough times is a cute animal to look at. The emotional support animals in Thera-Pets come with uplifting quotes to pick you back up.

Thera pets by Kate Allan cover

You can’t control every conversation you’ll be forced to hear. If you’re easily triggered, remember your power. If a relative is speaking about bodies, food, weight, exercise, mental health, or whatever it is that puts you on edge, remember your voice. Speak up.
–Angelina Caruso, A Body to Love

A Body to Love: This Thanksgiving, self-care means saying no. Don’t allow external pressure to stray you from the road to recovery. When your judgey Aunt rules that you’re eating too much or too little turkey, refer to A Body to Love.

A Body to Love by Angelina Caruso cover

“Love starts with self-love. Before you love others, you have to love yourself. When you love yourself, you automatically start loving others.”
–Robert Mack, Love From the Inside Out

Love From the Inside Out: If we are lucky, the holidays are typically spent with those we love. This season, remind yourself that it is not others you should seek love from, but first and foremost yourself.

Love from the Inside Out by Robert Mack cover
4 Holiday Self-care Tips and Quotes

Self-Care Quotes

Self-care is any action you take to better yourself. This Thanksgiving, self-care can be as simple as taking a personal break from the hustle and bustle. Below, you’ll discover the magic of solid skincare routines, safe spaces, and other ways to take care of yourself. Quotes from our Mango authors help you combat the winter blues and find peace with these holiday self-care tips.

Patience is key to curating a skincare routine that works best for you.
–Jude Chao, Skincare for Your Soul

Skincare for Your Soul: Learn how to take care of yourself physically and spiritually with Thanksgiving self-care. Make time for your skin routine and throw in a lavender face mask. Battle holiday stress acne with the advice from Skincare for your Soul.

Skincare for Your Soul by Jude Chao cover

It’s ok to want to be alone. It’s ok to take time for yourself
–Kate Allan, You Can Do All Things

You Can Do All Things: In the midst of the stress you may feel this season, remember to take care of yourself. You Can Do All Things reminds you that you are doing enough, you are giving enough, you are enough.

You Can Do All Things by Kate Allan cover

It seems so simple to stop and smell the roses, doesn’t it? It is the act of merely taking a moment to enjoy one of our physical senses… the willingness to take the time to stop, think, and enjoy each smell for the simple yet complex combination that it is.
–Andrew Freedman, Terpenes for Well-Being

Terpenes for Well-Being: Unwind from the family festivities and take care of yourself with the aroma of your choice. 420 friendly or not, practice Thanksgiving self-care with Terpenes for Well-Being. Enjoy different herbs and their relaxing effects.

Terpenes for Well Being by Andrew Freedman cover

You can harness the light of the universe to achieve higher consciousness, greater joy, and personal power.
–Maureen K. Calamia, Creating Luminous Space

Creating Luminous Spaces: With scraps of wrapping paper and gift tissue all around, you’re only as peaceful as the space around you. Learn creative ways to organize and plan your space with Creating Luminous Spaces.

Creating Luminous Spaces by Maureen K. Calamia cover
7 Self-Awareness tips and Quotes

Self-Awareness Quotes

Self-awareness is all about being mindful and understanding yourself. This season, you may be put into situations that bring out unpleasant memories or emotions. Our team turned to fan-favorites for lessons on how to take care of yourself, quotes about building self-awareness, and ways to better understand others during holiday festivities.

If you can manage to accept [anxiety] as something that is terrifying but will recede, like a storm, it’s an awful lot easier to not get swept away by it.
–Verity Croswell, Anxious Little Monsters

Anxious Little Monsters: Open up to your loved ones about your feelings; whether that is grief for a loved one who has passed or gratitude for friends and family on Thanksgiving. Self-care through self-awareness will help you connect to yourself and others and the illustrations within will help you talk to others.

Anxious Little Monsters by Verity Crosswell cover

Taking action to overcome anxiety can be one of the most profound experiences of your life.
–Dr. Craig April, The Anxiety Get Away

The Anxiety Getaway: In a heated moment at the dinner table, did you assume the role of the victim? The Anxiety Getaway takes a scientific approach to help you battle anxiety and fear.

The Anxiety Getaway by Dr. Craig April cover

The room that is your mind isn’t some optional accessory to life. It is where and how human consciousness is experienced. It is all important and it’s yours to create and design.
–Eric Maisel, Redesign Your Mind

Redesign Your Mind: As you redecorate your home with holiday themed decor, consider doing the same to your mind. Redesign Your Mind provides techniques for healing, growth, and other ways you can take care of yourself. Quotes, affirmations, and lessons from Eric Maisel will help you better understand others at Thanksgiving dinner and the new year.

Redesign Your Mind by Eric Maisel cover

Negativing will only hold you down.
–Lauren Woods, Emotionfull

Emotionfull: Think before reacting. Emotional reaction can often cause heated situations to worsen, but Emotionfull guides us on shifting this bad habit.

Emotionfull by Lauren Woods cover

People who are self aware are able to separate themselves from the outside world. They can look at themselves as an individual, and truly evaluate who they are without the opinions of others.
–Ashley Flores, Mindfulness Through the Stars

Mindfulness Through the Stars: Self-awareness is a personal journey, but it can also be cosmic. With personalized self-awareness tips for each zodiac sign, Mindfulness Through the Stars offers celestial advice to better understand others at the dinner table (or when picking out a gift).

Mindfulness through the Stars by Ashley Flores cover

I am still learning I am too many things to explore all at once, & unfolding is a petal-by-petal process.
–M.J. Fievre, Happy, Okay?

Happy, Okay?: The characters in MJ Fievres poetry book are facing mental health challenges and learning how to best cope. Follow Paloma in Happy, Okay? and learn how to take care of yourself with quotes that motivate, inspire, and encourage.

Happy, Okay by M.J. Fievre cover

Meditation and mindfulness are personal practices that empower an individual to become familiar with and regulate the self.
–Kim Colegrove, Mindfulness for Warriors

Mindfulness For Warriors: Meditation can help to reduce the noise around you and inside your mind. Holidays can be especially difficult for military families, but Mindfulness for Warriors helps you understand how to cope with distance or loss.

Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove cover

Read Mango’s Seasonal Guide to Take Care of Yourself: Quotes, Affirmations, and Tips for the Holidays and Learn How to Practice Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Awareness.