The Bart Simpson: Read Like an ESTP Personality

The Bart Simpson - Read Like an ESTP personality
The Bart Simpson Reading List

Are you an action lover? Are you outgoing? Can you adapt to changes quickly? Do you find authorities irksome? Are you a problem solver that wants fast results?

You may have an ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality like Bart Simpson.

While it may seem like Bart never slows down enough to read, Mango has the perfect reading list for people with an ESTP personality.

The Great Persuader. Bart is a risk taker that focuses on the here and now. He loves riding his skateboard, watching Itchy and Scratchy and the Star Wars Trilogy. He is everyone’s friend and the life of the party. Bart has unexpected talents like learning languages, performing in a band, and discovering a comet.

Mr. Popular. If you have an ESTP personality like Bart Simpson, read Mango’s Simpsons Reading List. While Bart may not have the biggest ambitions, he could utilize his social skills for good. Learn to use your personality with 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens. Bart has a unique way of talking. Communicate in your own way, like him, with Embracing the Awkward. As a nihilist, Bart may not care about much, but he does love Star Wars. Figure out why with (Why We Love Star Wars. Like Bart, Marty McFly is a classic red blooded American boy. Find out what else Bart and Marty have in common with Back from the Future. Bart makes every decision in the moment; it would be easy to imagine him in an apocalyptic timeline. Imagine that with the The Atlantropa Articles. Bart loves to say wild things. Get some absurd material from Answers to Questions You Never Asked. As a comic lover, Bart is familiar with Anime. Discover the history of anime with Anime Impact.

If you’re an ESTP personality, read like Bart Simpson with Mango’s Simpsons Reading List.

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