The Behaviour Business Episode 13 – What Your Consumers Want and Can’t Tell You with Melina Palmer

Melina Palmer (author of What Your Consumers Want and Can’t Tell You) describes the concept of ‘behavioural baking’ and her favourite behavioural biases.


We continue season 2 of The Behaviour Business podcast with a fascinating chat with behavioural economics expert Melina Palmer, author of the newly released ‘What Your Consumers Want and Can’t Tell You’, a brilliant book explaining the neuroscience of consumer behaviour. Founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, Melina provides behavioural economics consulting to businesses of all sizes from around the world, and brings behavioural economics out of the academic arena and into practical application for businesses. Melina may well be familiar to you from her own award-winning podcast, ‘The Brainy Business’, and in this conversation about her newly released book, Melina describes what inspired her to write it, the concept of ‘behavioural baking’, the importance of correctly defining a problem before you try to solve it, her favourite behavioural biases, and the relevance of memory for brands. Plus find out how Ed Sheeran’s ketchup habit can surprise and delight!

Listeners to The Behaviour Business are also lucky enough to get access to a free bonus chapter of Melina’s new book ‘What Your Consumer’s Want and Can’t Tell You’. To take advantage of this simply visit (note that’s the UK spelling of ‘behaviour’)!

To find out more about Melina and The Brainy Business, or to listen to her podcast, visit

Melina’s book ‘What Your Consumers Want and Can’t Tell You’ is out now and available from Amazon, The Book Depository and Wordery.

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What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You

Unlocking Consumer Decisions with the Science of Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is the future of brands and businessesWhat Your Customer Wants (And Can’t Tell You) goes beyond an academic understanding of behavioral economics and into practical applications. When reading this book, you will learn how real businesses and business professionals use science to make their companies better. Author Melina Palmer is a business owner, consultant, and behavioral economics expert. She puts into words how leaders- like you- can utilize the psychology of the consumer, innovation, and truly impactful branding to achieve real, bottom-line benefits.

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