The Best Business Start-Up Reference Books

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Women Who Launch by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Women face an unusual set of circumstances when they attempt to put together a business startup. The biggest hurdle is often related to the funding part of the equation and in many cases, the dream dies right there.

In this book, the author profiles several women who were able to jump over those hurdles and not only establish their own business, but many in this volume have gone on to make a huge impact on the marketplace as a result of their brand.

An inspirational read that will give both men and women the insight they need to go forward with their business ideas.

Women Who Launch

The Women Who Shattered Glass Ceilings (Strong Women, Women Empowerment, for Fans of Fabulous Female Firsts or The Book of Awesome Women)

A history of women in business and beyond: Julia Ward-Howe showed what’s good for the goose is good for the gander when she created the Girl Scouts of America. Sara Joseph Hale-authoress of Mary had a Little Lamb– convinced Lincoln to launch a national day of thanks while Anna Jarvis persuaded President Wilson to initiate a day in tribute of mothers. Estee Lauder revolutionized the cosmetics industry. The tradition of these Mothers of Invention continued when, compliments of knitter Krista Suh, the heads of millions were adorned with pink, pussy-cat ears in the largest women’s march in history. These women who launched prove-in the words of Rosie the Riveter, “We can do it!”

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