The Booklovers’ Guide To Wine Featured in “Best Wine Books” List

Patrick Alexander’s The Booklovers’ Guide To Wine has been featured in “The Best Wine Books for Every Kind of Drinker” list for Early Bird Books! Read the entire list here.

The Booklovers’ Guide to Wine

By Patrick Alexander

Nothing goes together like a good book and an excellent glass of wine, and no one knows that better than Patrick Alexander. In this entertaining read, Alexander combines his two greatest passions and provides us with perfect pairings, from Shakespeare and sherry to Jane Austen and chardonnay. 

Chock-full of intriguing facts, expert opinions, and entertaining anecdotes, The Booklovers’ Guide to Wine is a book to be savors great wine and great writing.

The Booklovers’ Guide To Wine

A Celebration of the History, the Mysteries and the Literary Pleasures of Drinking Wine

The pleasures of great wine and great writers. Under the careful guidance of his father, Patrick Alexander began drinking wine with his meals at the age of five. At the same age, encouraged by his mother, he began a lifelong love-affair with books. The twin pleasures of wine and writing remained his passion for the next sixty-five years. He has raised his own children in many of the world’s great wine growing regions, from Bordeaux and Piedmont in Europe to the Santa Cruz mountains of California while researching and writing his definitive guide to the novels of Marcel Proust.

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