The Daily Inspo- Gratitude for My Sister

Prayers For Hard Times author, Becca Anderson has a new blog post for all of the sisters out there.


Thank You, Lord, for my sister and for the wonderful times that we have shared together—thank You that You placed us together in our family and for the privilege of having a sister like mine. Thank You for all that my sister has taught me and the encouragement she has been to me when I have been in time of hardship and distress. Lord, I pray that You would be very close to her and direct and protect her in all she does. Lead and guide her into all truth, and draw her ever closer to Yourself in Jesus’ name I pray. Lord, I pray that day by day she would draw closer to You and surrender herself to the leading of Your Spirit. May she grow in grace and in a knowledge of Jesus until we all come to spiritual maturity. Give her the desire and grace to study Your word and to draw ever closer to You in daily prayer. Bind her thoughts to Your thoughts and her will to Your will so that she may grow in the wisdom and truth that comes only from You. May she excel in the fruit of the Spirit and grow in humility and gentleness; and use her in a mighty way to demonstrate the love and grace of the Lord Jesus in all she says and does, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

—Baptist Familia

Prayers For Hard Times

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Wisdom, inspiration and prayer: As recent scientific research shows, the simple act of praying can be emotionally, spiritually, and even physically healing. With Prayers for Hard Times, author Becca Anderson offers solace in bringing together the wisdom of great thinkers, spiritual leaders and writers who have faced difficulty and learned from it.

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