The Daily Inspo- Prayer Practice: The Divine Feminine

Real Life Mindfulness author Becca Anderson has a beautiful message for every women on the power of femininity, take a look.

Often times it seems as if many religions focus on men rather than women, but many Pagan religions are centered around goddess worship or only worship female deities. However, anyone can apply the concepts from these religions to their own spiritual or secular lifestyle. The concept of the divine feminine means different things to many different people, but at its core is a respect and appreciation for the strength and feminine powers of women. Celebration of the divine feminine can help women reflect on their strengths in a world that often puts them down, but does not necessarily have to be the traditional worship of a goddess or patron saint. There are many ways to celebrate the divine feminine, like meditating on your own or other women’s power of creation, what they have struggled through, and how far they have come in times of trial and hardship. Traditionally, a celebration of the divine feminine involves a gathering of women who have touched your lives to honor and pray for them, so even a girls’ night can be turned into a celebration of the divine power women hold, as can saying a prayer for your female ancestors and loved ones or the women you know who are struggling.

Real Life Mindfulness

Meditations for a Calm and Quiet Mind

Spiritual self care: Real Life Mindfulness is a series of reflections that can illuminate every aspect of life. Authors Elise Marie Collins and Becca Anderson offer readers guidance on using the opportune moments between everything else in life for spiritual self care. In the same way we lovingly tend a garden, so does our soul require nourishment and attention. Your happiness quotient will soar with the practices and meditations in Real Life Mindfulness.

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