The Gerson Therapy, a Food Based Healing

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The Gerson Therapy, a Food Based Healing

In 2012 I embarked on an eating protocol which included loads of green vegetables, fish and seafood, a gallon of water a day, and the hormone HCG. After my protocol was finished I researched other types of eating lifestyles similar to mine that were able to help with chronic and acute diseases. What I discovered were 4 food therapies with clean eating that have been around for a century or so which have been used for many illnesses with great success. Today we will look closer at one of them, the Gerson Therapy.

Dr. Max Gerson wrote a book in 1958 that covered thirty years of his remarkable work with cancer patients. One of his fundamental beliefs was that the soil was our external metabolism and that if we take care of the soil, the things that we receive from the soil will take care of us in the long term. He was an environmentalist of sorts. Treating our bodies with foods that came from untainted soil is the basis of what we now call organic gardening. Dr. Max Gerson practiced what Hippocrates said so famously, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
Dr. Gerson’s therapy worked equally well on acute and degenerative diseases. One of his most well known patients was Dr. Albert Schweitzer. The Gerson Therapy cured Schweitzer’s adult onset diabetes. What’s even more shocking to know is that it was completely reversed in six weeks! Dr. Gerson’s methods were considered controversial in the first half of the 20th century because he was treating formerly incurable diseases with diet. This type of therapy didn’t take care of American economics at the time. The United States was just getting into new fangled, processed, packaged convenience foods. The stock market was paying attention to the new foods and vegetable oils that were emerging in the food industry.
The Gerson Therapy took care of people first, and placed humanity above industry. That is one of the reasons why the information is not plastered across billboards, posters, and brochures nationwide. It was thrown under the rug in the senate of the U.S. when a bill Dr. Gerson wrote got lots of attention. His bill, named the Pepper-Neely Anti-Cancer bill was shared with doctors who were also senators. There was a consensus among them that natural healing of cancer would dampen the American economy.
His daughter Charlotte Gerson, who is now in her early nineties, still carries on her father’s work at The Gerson Institute, with centers near San Diego and in Mexico.
The basic nutritional concept of the Gerson Therapy is that we flood the ill person with nutrient dense foods that bring the whole body back to optimum health. What this entails is ingesting lots of raw vegetable juices made fresh, three times a day. This gives a large amount of oxygen and live enzymes to every cell, which therefore promote healing. Organic, raw, and cooked produce are also permitted. For the first few months there is no meat and very little salt taken. Very little fats are included. One oil that is permitted is cold pressed flax seed oil. It has a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids. Dr. Gerson found that these fatty acids can kill human cancer cells without killing normal cells.
After the initial few months, organic, 100% pastured meats, eggs, and wild caught fish are permitted. Nonfat Greek yogurt and cottage cheese may be added eventually.
Dr. Gerson observed that this type of eating speeds up the cell turnover and increases metabolism.
Raw, organic apple cider vinegar is encouraged. It tastes acidic but promotes alkalinity and good bacteria in the body. The food choices permitted in healing the cancer cells are so similar to the clean eating protocol of the HCG protocol. I compared the two and saw the healing properties of both diets. When we promote an alkaline environment in the body and add super nutrition, cancer cells cannot grow. In the Gerson Therapy some patients have received full remission.
The Gerson Therapy also employs the use of organic coffee enemas several times a day. This encourages a detoxification of the body, especially the liver. Patients tell of an immediate relief of aches and pains caused by the cancer.
The Gerson Therapy is preventive in many diseases and builds up the immune system through nutritional intake. My quest for researching types of clean eating have done the same for me. I am extremely healthy, active, and full of positive energy, now that I have a nutrient dense food intake. 
More information is freely available on the internet on and There are resources at your local library as well.

I hope this peaks your interest in real food consumption, rather than the standard American diet, full of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and highly processed plants and animals.

KJ Landis

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