The Homer Simpson: Read Like an ESFP Personality

The Homer Simpson - Read Like an ESFP Personality
The Homer Simpson Reading List

Are you a natural entertainer? Are you caring, loyal, and even brave when it comes to the ones you love? Do you enjoy the simple things in life like having a Duff at Moe’s with your pals?

You may have an ESFP personality (Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving) like Homer Simpson.

While Homer may not seem like much of a reader, Mango has the perfect reading list for people with an ESFP personality.

The Everyman. Homer is loyal to his family, loves a good donut, and is willing to work just hard enough to enjoy the good things in life.

America’s Favorite Dad. If you have an ESFP personality like Homer Simpson, read Mango’s Simpsons Reading List. Grab A Duff and take a master class on beer with Beer School. If you’re anything like Homer, burgers are your favorite food. Learn where to find the best quick bites in the USA with Eating Across America. While Bart most closely resembles the Simpson ancestor, Bart-beard Pirate, Homer has the pirate spirit when it comes to having a jolly good time. Get into the pirate spirit with Why We Love Pirates. Homer loves eating, and he has a medical marijuana card, so why not combine the two with Cannabis Cuisine. What’s more American than Homer Simpson and food? Learn about American food culture, from barbecue to pizza with Food Americana. Since Homer led the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Softball Team to glory with his Wonder Bat, it is safe to say he is a Baseball Fan. Read about the history of America’s Pastime in National Baseball Hall of Fame. Of course, as a Simpsons fan, read Simpson’s Secret for an analysis on how the Simpsons predicted the future.

If you’re an ESFP personality, read like Homer Simpson with Mango’s Simpsons Reading List.

The Simpsons Secret by Lydia Poulteney & James Hicks cover
The Simpsons Secret
Lydia Poulteney & James Hicks
Picturing America's Pastime by Randy Johnson cover
Picturing America’s Pastime
Baseball Hall Of Fame
Food Americana by David Page cover
Food Americana
David Page
Beer School by Jonny Garret and Brad Evans cover
Beer School
Jonny Garret and Brad Evans
Eating Across America by Daymon 'Daym Drops' Patterson cover
Eating Across America
Daymon Patterson
Cannabis Cuisine by Chef Andrea Drummer cover
Cannabis Cuisine
Andrea Drummer
Why We Love Pirates by Rebecca Simon, PhD cover
Why We Love Pirates
Rebecca Simon, PHD

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