The Inside Story of the American Cuisine

Denver’s Fox 31 news outlet features author David Page on his new book, Food Americana, and what American cuisine truly is.

You may not recognize his face, but you’ll certainly recognize his work, David Page is the creator of the popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Now Page is out with a new creation, he recently release a new book on America’s favorite foods.

Food Americana, answers all the questions and more on what is the American cuisine.

Food Americana is the inside story of how Americans have formed a national cuisine from a world of flavors—from lox and bagels to sushi, tacos to pizza, and on and on—and how that process continues today. Each chapter concludes with a classic recipe. It’s a riveting ride into every aspect of what we eat and why, filled with eye-opening information, revealing anecdotes, and a healthy serving of humor. 

The book also features two Denver restaurants: Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen and the Hop Alley Chinese restaurant.

Food Americana is now available on Amazon.

Food Americana

The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes

Food Americana is a riveting ride into every aspect of what we eat and why. From a lobster boat off the coast of Maine to the Memphis in May barbecue competition. From the century-old Russ & Daughters lox and bagels shop in lower Manhattan to the Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival. From a thousand-dollar Chinese meal in San Francisco to birria tacos from a food truck in South Philly. Readers will learn the inside story of how Americans came to form national cuisines from a world of diverse flavors. This insightful book is, overall, engaging and oftentimes extremely humorous.

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