The Jewish Mommas

KJ Landis (author of Happy Healthy You) talks about yoga and religion in this episode of 2 Jewish Moms Shoot the $#!+.

From a rabbi and a rebel, each week we discuss something different based on questions sent in to us. Everyone needs a Jewish momma, sometimes 2! This is a happy, healthy you approach to life long vitality. We use mindfulness modalities, dig deep into our past to figure out the big WHY, and move forward with life goals and stress relief. This is your total wellness toolkit for renewing bod, soul, and mind.

Happy healthy you

Your Total Wellness Toolkit For Renewing Body, Soul, and Mind

Health and wellness: Happy Healthy You is a multidisciplinary approach to reclaiming ultimate wellness. We are all so busy nowadays, and tackling all those to-do lists can leave us drained, worn down, and lacking energy. When you take a deeper look inside, you will also discover patterns, old habits, and past events blocking self-growth. Life coach extraordinaire KJ Landis helps identify how, why, and where we got stuck in the first place, and how we can utilize past trauma and drama as a springboard to becoming our most authentic, vibrant selves. As one of KJ’s students enthuses, “She has taught me several tangible strategies to cope with stress…I am using KJ’s simple techniques to achieve my lifelong health goals.'”

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