The Lisa Simpson: Read Like an INFJ Personality

The Lisa Simpson - Read Like an INFJ Personality
The Lisa Simpson Reading List

Do you follow the path of knowledge? Do you have high expectations for yourself and others? Are you more introverted? Do you strive for peace?

You may have an INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging) personality like Lisa Simpson.

It is a given that Lisa loves to read. Mango has the perfect reading list for people with an INFJ personality, like Lisa.

The Advocate. Lisa cares about others, that is why she is a vegetarian, a Buddhist, and eventually gets involved in politics. Lisa always tries to help people find the answers to their issues, and while she can be selfless, she is also a bit of a perfectionist. Lisa has classic INFJ personality traits, she works hard at everything she tires and is deeply committed to her beliefs. 

The Confidant. If you have an INFJ personality like Lisa Simpson, read Mango’s Simpsons Reading List. As an ardent feminist, Lisa would agree that women can be anything, including scientist. Read The Future of Science is Female to find out how. If you’re like Lisa, you want to do better by animals and the environment. Do your part by reading Making Vegan Meat. Any Straight-A student, like Lisa, knows that organization is the first step to success. Learn organizing tips and tricks with Plan and Organize Your Life. Lisa has aspirations as high as the moon. Discover how to get there with Not Necessarily Rocket Science. If Lisa was in the movie business, she would be a director. Explore the world of movies made by women The Female Gaze. Lisa may be linked to Milton, but she would do her best to be a great advocate for LGBT people. Become a better ally with ABCs of LGBTQ. While Lisa may only be eight years old, you know she is already planning for high school. Lisa would read High School Survival Guide. Of course, as a Simpsons fan, read Simpson’s Secret for an analysis on how the Simpsons predicted the future.

If you’re an INFJ personality, read like Lisa Simpson with Mango’s Simpsons Reading List. 

The Female Gaze by Alice Malone
The Female Gaze
Alicia Malone
The ABC's of LGBTQ cover
The ABC’s of LGBTQ+
Ashley Mardell
The Simpsons Secret by Lydia Poulteney & James Hicks cover
The Simpsons Secret
Lydia Poulteney & James Hicks

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