The Maggie Simpson: Read Like an ISTP Personality

The Maggie Simpson Read Like an ISTP Personality
The Maggie Simpson Reading List

Are you a problem solver? Are you fiercely autonomous? Are you curious about the world around you? Are you good with your hands?

You may have an ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) personality like Maggie Simpson.

Although Maggie is a baby, she is intelligent, maybe even smarter than Lisa. She is quick to adapt to get what she wants. Mango has the perfect reading list for people with an ISTP personality like Maggie Simpson.

Ms. Independent. Maggie may not speak, yet, but she is far from one-dimensional. She is stubborn, adventurous, and knows what she wants. Despite her independence, she loves her family, and has even saved Homer’s life a couple of times.

The Pragmatic One. If you have an ISTP personality like Maggie Simpson, read Mango’s Simpsons Reading List. If you’re like Maggie, you want to know how everything works. Read MinuteEarth Explains to find out how the world turns. Although she is small, Maggie is a big explorer. Follow the famed adventurer and dinosaur enthusiast, Dana, in Dino Dana Volume 1 & 2. ISTP personality types are the makers. Create with She’s Building a Robot. Maggie is good at using her hands. Draw like her with Woo Jr. Big Book of Drawing. While Maggie is wise beyond her years, she still must reach her benchmarks. Practice the fundamentals with My First Book of Toddler Activities. Maggie loves the Simpsons family´s cat Snowball. Follow the journey of Sam the Cat with A Cat Named Sam. Great things come in small packages, like Maggie. Learn about another courageous girl who goes to the moon with Luna Muna. When Maggie isn’t sucking on her pacifier, she enjoys a sweet treat. Learn to make delicious desserts with the Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey. Maggie is a maverick. Be brave like her reading Young Trailblazers.

If you’re an ISTP personality, read like Maggie Simpson with Mango’s Simpsons Reading List.

A Cat Named Sam by M.J. Fievre cover
A Cat Named Sam
M.J. Fievre & Thomas B. Logan
Luna Muna by Kellie Gerardi cover
Luna Muna
Kellie Gerardi
Young Trailblazers by M.J. Fievre cover
Young Trailblazer
M.J. Fievre & Kim Balacuit

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