The Perfect Time To Dream

Eric Maisel Ph.D. (author of Redesign Your Mind) helps you change the way you think of yourself and the world around you.

Journal Prompts:  

  • What would you like to start anew this month?  
  • What dreams are calling to you at this time?

Wishing you a wondrous start to this new month before us.

Write from the heart, Lynda

I want to let you know that Eric Maisel’s latest bookRedesign Your Mind: The Breakthrough Program for Real Cognitive Change just launched in the world today.  It is the #1 new release in the cognitive behavioural therapy category on Amazon.  

Congratulations to Eric on another great book!  If you are interested, you can find the book here.  I highly recommend this book if you want to learn how to change your thinking to support your best life!

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC, is the Director of The International Association of Journal Writing ( She is the creator of Life Source Writing and co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection.

The IAJW exists to inspire, inform, connect and support journaling and life writers through offering a dynamic membership community, resources, ebooks, online courses, and more.  Journal writing matters!

Redesign Your Mind

The Breakthrough Program for Real Cognitive Change

Your mind is yours to redesign, redecorate and create! The idea that you are what you think has concerned philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha. Today, this age-old message is delivered via cognitive-behavioral therapy and CBT techniques. Dr. Maisel moves cognitive change a giant step forward by describing the room that is your mind and how human consciousness is experienced there. Packed with visualization exercises, this accessible guide makes redesigning your mind and changing what you think easy and simple, an upgrade to the CBT method.

Visualization exercises for easy assembly. That room that is your mind is a space that you can decorate, air out, furnish, and turn into a truly congenial place. By practicing these easy-to-understand visualization exercises, you can redesign your mind and change not only what you think but how you think. Each of these techniques address major challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction, procrastination, and loneliness and promote cognitive growth, trauma healing, and fundamental change.

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