“The Power of Personal Stories” with Kate Farrell and Rachel Resnick

Come join Kate Farrell and Rachel Resnick on June 4, 2020 for the June NFWU LIVE educational event!

Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 12 pm (Pacific Time)

Stories have an enormous ability to connect people. While novelists and memoirists know this, nonfiction writers sometimes forget to tell stories when they write prescriptive or how-to books. Yet, stories give your writing impact. Additionally, if you plan to speak to live or virtual audiences, to write marketing copy for your website or book sales pages, story can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why you must learn how to choose which stories to tell and how to tell them.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why stories are so powerful.
  • The difference between a signature story and other types of stories.
  • What types of stories you need and for what purposes.
  • The keys to powerful and compelling storytelling.
  • Tips for integrating stories into nonfiction books (not memoir).
  • Tips for telling long stories (memoir).
  • Strategies for telling better stories.
  • How to find stories.

Kate Farrell, storyteller, author, librarian, founded the Word Weaving Storytelling Project and published numerous educational materials on storytelling. She has contributed to and edited award-winning anthologies of personal narrative. Farrell recently completed a how-to guide on the art of storytelling for adults, Story Power: Secrets to Creating, Crafting, and Telling Memorable Storiesto be released by Mango Publishing in June 2020.Farrell is past president of Women’s National Book Association, San Francisco Chapter. Learn more at https://katefarrell.net/.

Rachel ResnickLos Angeles Times best-selling author, Yale grad, speaker, writing mentor, is the straight-talking expert on the power and profitability of personal story. She is the author of Love Junkie: A Memoir (Bloomsbury), Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick (St. Martin’s). Since 1995, she’s worked with founders and entrepreneurs to help them access their unique voices, tap into their signature stories, and become more visible and influential. You can find out more at rachelresnick.com and follow her on IG @RachelResnick.

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Story Power by Kate Farrell

Story power

Secrets to Creating, Crafting, and Telling Memorable Stories

Stories are everywhere. The art of storytelling has been around as long as humans have. And in today’s noisy, techy, automated world, storytelling is not only prevalent—it’s vital. Whether you’re interested in enlivening conversation, building your business brand, sharing family wisdom, or performing on stage, Story Power will show you how to make use of a good story.

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