The Summer Goal Challenge: Choose a Goal & Get a Win This Summer

Debra Eckerling (author of Your Goal Guide) launches her #SummerGoalChallenge- a list of goals to be set and with that, achieved.

Happy Mid Year! 

It’s time to set aside your have-tos and achieve one of your want-tos! And I am going to help you make that happen.

Introducing the #SummerGoalChallenge

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a goal you want to achieve by the end of the summer. Post yours in the comments
  2. Set an ongoing appointment to work toward it each week. It can be 15 minutes, an hour. Whatever is feasible. Just put it in your electronic calendar – along with a reminder. 
  3. Every Wednesday, I will post a check-in thread to ask you how everything is going. Comment to stay accountable and get bonus encouragement.
  4. Follow me on LinkedIn and @TheDEBMethod on your favorite social media platform for tips, motivation, and inspiration. Or tweet to @TheDEBMethod using the #SummerGoalChallenge hashtag
  5. Reach your goal and celebrate!

It’s that simple! After all, I am all about #goalsettingsimplified!

Sample Goals

Need some help claiming your summer goal, I’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas to help you choose.

  1. Learn ____________ (a language, skill, how to cook)
  2. Find a new job/career
  3. Develop a side hustle
  4. Be better at self-care
  5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  6. Write a book/start a podcast/create a blog or course
  7. Read X books
  8. Get X clients
  9. Earn X money
  10. Have regular quality time with my family/friends/kids

When you select a goal, it can be aligned with your mission … or your mission can be to simply give yourself a break and have fun.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, or employee, there has to be at least one thing you really want to tackle that will bring you joy, fulfillment, or even progress. 

It’s time to get a win! Whatever your goal, remember, you can do it. We’re rooting for you.

* * *

What is your #SummerGoalChallenge goal? Please share in the comments.

* * *

Need help setting and achieving your goals? Want to initiate a corporate-wellness program for your employees? I am available for consultations and workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching for individuals. Message me to set something up.

Your Goal Guide by Deb Eckerling (small copy)

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