The Tea Everyone’s Drinking

(Author of Flavcity’s 5 Ingredient Meals) Bobby Parrish’s favorite Immunity Tea is now back in stock.

Immunity Tea

Bobby’s famous tea without the hassle of making it yourself. Simply scoop, mix and sip and you have all the benefits of this powerful tea without the prep work! It’s an easy way to stay strong all season long. SHOP NOW

Meet Bobby

Bobby Parrish is a best-selling cookbook author and creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity. Bobby is an authority in the kitchen and a grocery shopping expert. His goal is to help people know exactly what they put in their bodies so they can thrive.

Our Ingredients

Ginger – The Fighter: Known to soothe your gut and fight common cold and flu.

Turmeric – The Real Deal Superfood: Believed to be anti-inflammatory and contain free radiacal antioxidants.

Lemon – The Superhero: Loaded with Vitamin C to promote strength and good digestion.

Black Pepper – The Sidekick: Know to help activate turmeric and fight inflammation.

MCT Oil – The Brain Booster: Believed to help your body absorb turmeric and have brain boosting benefits.

Cayenne Pepper – The Powerhouse: Clears out nasal congestion and is believed to attack cold viruses.

Monk Fruit – The Sweetner: A touch of sweetness with zero calories.

Made with Bobby Approved Ingredients

When something is Bobby approved, you know it’s good and good for you. We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients available. Our clean label is not only easy to read, but we show you what each ingredient can do for your body!



Our team is made up of two families who share one passion, to inspire people to eat better and cleaner. When Bobby launched FlavCity in 2012 he set out on a mission to help the world look more critically into the foods and drinks they were consuming. Soon after launching, he met fellow blogger, Erica Eckman.

Over the years they’ve remained friends and Erica credits Bobby for helping her get through some difficult health problems with the diet changes that Bobby believes in. In 2019, they began working together in a business capacity and knew they wanted to launch a product with their shared vision in mind. When thinking about what product they wanted to bring to market, Bobby’s Immunity Tea felt like the perfect fit because the tea was instrumental in helping Erica battle her chronic immune issues.

The rest is history.

Also on the team is Bobby’s wife Dessi who handles all creative design and direction and Erica’s husband Dan who works on fulfillment and operations.


The idea for this tea came from my greatest source of inspiration – the FlavCity community. The fresh version of this tea is one of the most popular recipes in the FlavCity blog, so it only made sense to make a shelf-stable and portable version of it using best in class ingredients. After lots of testing we were able to perfect the flavor and functionality of this immunity tea without compromising any of the ingredients which can’t be said for many of our competitors.

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