The Winter Solstice and the Season of Goodwill

The Woman’s Book of Joy author Eileen Campbell has written a new blog post on the end of 2020 and the winter solstice, read Eileen’s blog post here!

The Winter Solstice and the Season of Goodwill

Something remarkable is happening at the close of this year of the pandemic my astrology friends tell me.  Not only was there a total solar eclipse on 14 December, but also on the Solstice – 21 December – the planets Saturn and Jupiter will be so closely aligned they will look like a double planet to form what is known as a Great Conjunction.  Such Great Conjunctions are extremely rare.  The last time the phenomenon was visible was in the Middle Ages, prior to the Renaissance, although a similar alignment occurred in 1623, but was too close to the sun to be seen.

At this time of the year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, it is worth reminding ourselves of the likelihood that the Star of Bethlehem followed by the Magi was the light created by the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn were in Pisces.  These planets are now moving from Capricorn into Aquarius.

We know that we are living through extraordinary times of change. The pandemic and climate change, and political, economic and social upheaval are clear manifestations of that if we had any doubts previously.    Astrologically we are definitely at the beginning of a new era, with one cycle ending and a new one beginning.  Aquarian energy is very different from Capricorn energy, and as we see and experience chaos and confusion as the old heirarchical structures break down and outmoded ideas give way to new, we can also be optimistic about the powerful incoming energy, which will be more collaborative, more focused on sharing and community.

It is the season of goodwill, and it’s goodwill that can revolutionise the world, for it’s a dynamic energy which can bring about change.  Beginning now, the future can be a time of healing.  There is no problem that cannot be solved if there is goodwill.  When we open our hearts and are less preoccupied with our own wants and needs, and instead try to practise loving a little more and giving a little more we can contribute to the changing ethos.  There has never been a better time to begin, for the inflowing Aquarian energy will help energise us.

We all long for peace and joy, and although suffering is endemic to the human condition, it can be overcome.  With forgiveness, kindness, and generosity, let’s try to make life better for those around us.  Let’s join together to spread goodwill far and wide, remembering that we are all one humanity, and that we are entering a new phase in human history.

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