The World Turned Upside Down

Check out this post with Connie Habash and her book Awakening From Anxiety

Hello, Awakening Ones –

I have much to share with you about something that has deeply moved me recently!  But first…

I have many events coming up! Online and In Person:
Sunday, August 2nd (online) – Awakening from Stress and Anxiety workshop, 4-6pm, for Unity of Walnut Creek (registration opens soon)
Mondays, starting August 10th (online) – Living a Calm and Confident Life class series, 6 weeks (except Labor Day) starting August 10th.
Saturday, August 22nd (in person!) – Summer 1-Day Retreat, 9am-3:30pm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Registration open!

Meanwhile, the Fall Women’s Retreat is rescheduled to March 19-21, 2021, due to COVID-19 concerns. I’d love to have you join us.

Perhaps you, like me, watched the movie of the smash Broadway hit, Hamilton, over 4th of July weekend. It knew it would be great – I just didn’t anticipate mind-blowing.

Although it debuted on Broadway in 2015, the message is perennial and so appropriate for 2020. Indeed, the song about the battle of Yorktown has a refrain we can all relate to right now: “The World Turned Upside Down.”

We’ve been through a lot this year already, with corona virus and shelter in place, fires in Siberia, protests so that Black Lives Matter, and an election that has not even heated up yet. We’re only half-way through, and I anticipate more turbulence through this bumpy ride.
Maybe a bit scary – but these times are what transformation is made of. Our nation and world are changing, growing, and we are as individuals, too. 

In the words of Mandy Hale (who I first discovered at my healer’s office, my dear friend Michael Shpak): “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

This should be our refrain as we go through this year. We’re going through growing pains, and we can’t afford to be stuck where we’ve been anymore. Like the pain of childbirth, we get through it because we know a miracle is entering the world.

Meanwhile, this month I wrote a blog about my further thoughts inspired by Hamilton – many powerful lessons and metaphors for our personal and spiritual growth.

I just need to get some of those songs out of my head!   🙂
So if you feel like your world has turned upside down, fasten your seatbelt and KNOW and TRUST that the miracle is at hand… we are going through rebirth and whatever is happening in your life and the world, right now, is worth it. I’m right here with you.

Awaking from Anxiety by Connie Habash

Awakening From Anxiety

A Spiritual Guide to Living a More Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life

Competent, spiritual people suffer from anxiety and depression too: Spiritual people often find that their own expectations of living a life dedicated to a higher power makes them more susceptible to high-functioning anxiety. Sometimes, traditional relaxation techniques either do not work, don’t last, or, in some cases, actually increase their anxiety.

The missing keys to managing anxiety: Psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and interfaith minister Rev. Connie L. Habash shows us a way to transform our perceptions using mindful awareness, in order that we may live divinely inspired lives. In over 25 years as a counselor helping spiritual people overcome anxiety, Rev. Connie has taught that it takes more than chanting mantras, stretching, or relaxation techniques to calm anxiety. It requires a transformation in perception, moment-to-moment body awareness, and a conscious response to thoughts and emotions.

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