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(Author of Happy Healthy You) KJ Landis shares with us stories from her clients, friends, and family.

I love to tell stories. I feel like stories help us to understand the meanings behind the points we are trying to get across to someone. When you read the following stories of my clients, friends, and family, see if any of their predicaments are similar to yours. If you can easily imagine yourself in their position, acknowledge it, and figure out how you would react. Would it be similar or different after recognizing that your feet could easily be in their shoes?
Most of my clients become my friends. I’m not only their mentor and coach, but also their confidante. We are intertwined in so many areas of each others’ lives. They are sharing their mental, physical, and spiritual struggles with me. I share my personal weaknesses with them too, in order to make them see that their crutches are not theirs alone. We are stronger together.
Emma had a desire to stop eating junk foods and carbohydrates. She didn’t know anything about grains and sugars making her overweight and bloated. She just knew what she liked and had a cultural connection to many unhealthy foods. Family traditions are important to all of us. Unfortunately, for many of us, that revolves around foods that are high in processed oils, starches, and sugars. Emma had a love affair with diet cola too.
One day, she posted on a social network that she was a piggy because she ate pizza and garlic bread at the same meal. She insulted herself on the internet in front of the whole world! She deserved self love, not self loathing. I saw that post as a cry for help. I offered my guidance, and it was accepted. She promised to abide by new criteria for eating. For thirty days Emma did not consume bad dietary fats, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or grains. She increased her water to a gallon a day. She reported to me a month later that she had lost weight and her energy was renewed. Her soda consumption remained slim to none. Her family and friends noticed something shiny, sparkly, and different about her. I called it her superior self coming out of the shadows. Recently she has embarked upon green vegetable juicing as a way to increase micronutrients in her diet. Bravo!
Arthur is a devout Christian. He told me that one day God and Jesus helped him give up alcohol, drugs, and homelessness, cold turkey. I saw him struggle with sweets whenever our paths would intersect. One day I mustered up the courage to ask him why he could give up drugs and alcohol with the Lord’s assistance, but cave in to sugar and refined carbohydrates. I asked him to pray just as deeply for help in this area.
Soon after, he and his wife watched the documentary film featuring Joe Cross. It is called FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD. It chronicles a journey of an ill, overweight, Australian executive through his 60 day green juice fast. Joe’s illnesses cleared up, and he lost 100 pounds during the process. The film had an emotional impact on Arthur. He told me afterwards that he and his wife were planning on juicing with vegetables as a meal replacement for one meal a day. After that commitment felt comfortable, Arthur moved to two meals a day. He also increased his water tremendously. Whenever he sees me, he rushes to get a glass of water. I remind him that water intake is of the utmost importance when changing to a healthier lifestyle.
Arthur is certainly on his way. He falls off the food wagon from time to time, but we are all human. He stands up, dusts himself off, and walks tall and proud towards his healthier future.
Food addiction is not like alcohol and drug addiction. When we give up drugs and alcohol, the goal is to give it up completely. If we give up food completely, we perish and die. I believe this makes it even more difficult to evolve into superior habits with food. That is why I give kudos, huge congratulations, honor, and respect to those who finally do develop consistent eating habits that feed their brains, bodies, and spirits.

​KJ Landis

Happy healthy you

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Health and wellness: Happy Healthy You is a multidisciplinary approach to reclaiming ultimate wellness. We are all so busy nowadays, and tackling all those to-do lists can leave us drained, worn down, and lacking energy. When you take a deeper look inside, you will also discover patterns, old habits, and past events blocking self-growth. Life coach extraordinaire KJ Landis helps identify how, why, and where we got stuck in the first place, and how we can utilize past trauma and drama as a springboard to becoming our most authentic, vibrant selves. As one of KJ’s students enthuses, “She has taught me several tangible strategies to cope with stress…I am using KJ’s simple techniques to achieve my lifelong health goals.'”

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