Thursday’s Prosperity Incantation

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Moon Spell Magic) sets candles aflame to manifest better job opportunities.

Thursday’s Prosperity Incantation

This spell is truly marvelous for getting a new or better-paying job. You will get the best results on a new moon or full moon Thursday night but any “Thor’s Day” will do.

To prepare yourself, begin by pouring a few drops of green apple or verbena essential oil into a hot vessel of water. Breathe in the steam deeply ten times, inhaling and exhaling deeply for cleansing. Light a single green candle. As you close your eyes, meditate on your true desires. What does personal prosperity mean to you? What do you really need? What do you most desire?

When you are clear about your answers, focus on the candle flame while intoning:

Here and how, my intention is set.

New luck will be mine and all needs will be met.

With harm to none and plenty for all, blessed be.

After your cleansing breath meditation, perform this tried and true prosperity ritual to seal deals and bring about the new gainful employment and fiscal abundance your way.

Light a yellow-gold candle and light cinnamon incense with the candle. Place a piece of amethyst crystal by the candle and incense and repeat this incantation eight times while envisioning yourself with perfect abundance at the perfect job:

I see the perfect place for me; I see a place of plenty.

Upon my heart’s desire, I am set.

Prosperity comes to me now.

Place the vessel of water on your alter and let it cool. At midnight, pour the prosperity potion on the roots of a nearby tree.

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