Time Swapping: 3 Ways to Find More Time for the Things You Enjoy

Debra Eckerling (author of Your Goal Guide) encourages us to commit more to ourselves by using our time wisely.

Does this sound familiar?

“Someday, I am going to find a hobby/read this book/write that book.”

“Oooh, next week, I will finally start working out.”

“I really want to launch a podcast/blog/course to promote my business, but who has the time?”

The answer to that last question is, “You do!” 

A little time-swapping – along with a commitment to yourself – will help you increase your productivity, so you can take things off the backburner!


The concept of time-swapping is simple. Find pockets of time when you are not very productive – on hold on the phone, standing in line, or waiting to be let into a Zoom meeting – and use them to your advantage.

When you spend on-hold time making todo lists, drafting emails, finding events to attend, reading, writing, planning, dreaming, that’s time well-spent!

Even if you use only a fraction of your found time on a passion project, you will still make a dent in those often ignored back-burner goals.  

Here are three more ways to find time to swap:

1. Netflix Time. We all love our Netflix … or Hulu … or whatever our preferred platform for binge-watching after a long day. I’m not saying to get rid of binge-time, just shorten it. Binge one less episode a night, a few times a week, and see what you can accomplish during that found time.

2. Your Prime Time. When is your prime #productivity time? In the morning? Late at night? By extending your day – getting up 15 to 30-minutes earlier or staying up a little later – you can sneak in some productivity. Not sure which is your prime time? Try them both, and see what works best for you. 

3. Cooking Time. Whether you are a natural-cook or someone who took up cooking as a COVID-hobby, chances are you are eating out a lot less. One of the best ways to do food prep is to batch your cooking time. Pick one day a week to make multiple meals. You can easily freeze things like soup, spaghetti sauce, and casseroles, and pull them out later. I also love the Instant Pot as a productivity hack

Final Thoughts

To commit to your goals, you don’t have to make sacrifices. You just need to be creative with how you spend and/or swap your time.

* * *

Where do you find found time? And how do you use it? Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

* * *

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