Tips for Healthier Exercise Programs

KJ Landis (author of Happy Healthy You) gives you the facts about choosing the best or suitable exercises for you to practice daily.

We all know that exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul. It keeps us connected to ourselves, our physical prowess, our friends, family, and even nature, seeing ourselves as part of something greater. When we move our body regularly, the reward is seeing real progress. Every day that we get out there (no matter how fast or slow we go), your body is getting stronger, you’re building stamina, and your healthy choices will become easier. 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep:
The whole day feels better when we are well rested, and the body will perform better, no matter what form of exercise we partake in. When we sleep, the body goes into in rest, repair, and recover mode, so we can  be ready to perform well the following day. If we are not getting enough sleep, the body doesn’t have time to make all the repairs, which makes it more likely to feel tired, or some sort of muscle discomfort. Research suggests lack of sleep, on a regular basis can contribute to stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, irritability, poor performance, and muscle soreness or pain. Know when to take a rest day or reduce the effort to protect your body.

Take Deep Belly Breaths:

Professional singers and yogis train the breath like we train our bodies. Remember, the breath is a function of the body, perhaps the most important one. Deep breathing in the nose and visualizing it going down to the pubic bone actually helps us engage and take in more oxygen. More oxygen inwards creates more oxygen going to every part of the body, with less muscle fatigue after a good exercise session. Lie down and put one hand on the belly and one on your heart. Practice this a few times a day. As you inhale through the nose, feel the belly rise naturally, expanding the belly, pulling more air down into the lower part of the body. Relax the chest and shoulders away from the ears. Your hand should rise as your belly expands. As you exhale, contract your belly and feel the contraction, belly button pulls in to the spine. If you start panting during a walk, run, hike, or indoor exercise activity, slow down. Watch your breath, and try again to engage deep belly breathing.


Music has always been a part of humans’ existence. Music has been an inspiration, a motivation, a release, and more. Music is shown to inspire exercisers to go longer, harder, faster, stronger, and with rhythm! Remember the theme song from Rocky? Or Chariots of Fire? Any music can add energy to your steps and to your life. I ran 16 marathons in my 40s, and I always said to myself that if my ipods die, I am calling a taxi. I am done. Don’t place the music so loud that you cannot stay alert to your surroundings.

Be well,
KJ Landis
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