Tips for working from Home from “The List Producer” Paula Rizzo

Make use of your time at home with these useful tips from author Paula Rizzo.

Paula Rizzo became known as the “Queen of Lists” when she made the move from TV producer to “The List Producer.” Rizzo became an expert in using lists to help people improve their productivity and effectiveness at work and home.

Now, the new normal combines those worlds, so she shared some tips on how lists can help people working from home, and how to handle the daily distractions from your new “co-workers.”

Rizzo’s first book, “Listful Thinking,” focused on showing people how lists can help make them more productive and reduce their stress in life. Her new book, “Listful Living,” adds to that with exercises and a journaling format so that people can see how lists are making them their most productive selves.

Rizzo said people who are new to working from home are now realizing what is their best productivity style.

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