Tips ’n’ Tricks: Magical Marcasite Scrying Ring

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Dark Moon Magic) offers a quick tip for scrying- recommending marcasite to do the job.

Did you know that lovely marcasite is really hematite? Thank heavens it has made a fashion comeback of late and is commonly available in inexpensive jewelry. This powerful seer stone can be used for a quick scrying. Look at your marcasite ring and then close your eyes and see what flashes into your mind.

Dark Moon Magic by Cerridwen Greenleaf

Dark moon magic

Supernatural Spells, Charms, and Rituals for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Take advantage of centuries of knowledge: In this utterly unique grimoire, bestselling author Cerridwen Greenleaf gathers celestial lore, history, and mythology, drawing from the Dark Ages mystical practices of the original Gothic tribes, Scandinavian shamans and other medieval sources to infuse these spells with the magic of the ancients, allowing the modern reader to tap into that pure power. Here, you’ll learn how to call upon the fairy world and little-known gods and goddesses to empower your magical workings, as well as ways to consecrate and wield magical tools, create a home and garden full of enchantment, and rituals to enhance every aspect of your life. With Dark Moon Magic, she has crafted nothing less than a Wiccan mystery school in book form.

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