Tips ’n’ Tricks: Space Invaders

In (author of Mystical Crystals) Cerridwen Greenleaf’s most recent blog post, she teaches you how you- too- can solve most of your problems with crystals.

Do you have nosy neighbors or a nightmare roommate? Combat other people’s cluelessness with crystals! If you have problems with the people next door, place jet at your door or bury it by the fence. If you have an intrusive housemate or guest, place jet on the mantle or bookshelves and wear jet jewelry to take back your personal space straightaway.

mystical crystals

Magical Stones and Gems for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

With information on stones for each area of life, including love, work, home, and stress-busting, The Crystal Companion is a beautifully illustrated guide to using crystals and gemstones to channel positive energy into all areas of your life that need special attention. With chapters like “Birthstone Secrets: Discovering Your 4 Soul Stones,” “Tranquility Touchstones: Stress-Reducing Rocks,” and “Crystal Charms: How to Choose and Make Change-Your-Life Jewelry,” there something for both the beginner and the more knowledgeable in Greenleaf’s latest book.

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