Charlene Costanzo, author of The Twelve Gifts From the Garden, has a few wise words on how to be your own symbol of hope, take a look!

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. ~ Lord Byron

We often see a huge, fully arched rainbow outside the largest window in our home. Sometimes it’s even doubled. Some degree and form of this rainbow appears after storms, during lulls in storms, and even when it is not storming at all. Our Summit Greens rainbow seems to appear even when the rain is a mere misting in the clouds.

Considering that the rainbow is a universal symbol of hope, the takeaway for us could be guidance to be generous with our light and our inner beauty. We can be a source of comfort and hope in all circumstances. No matter how things look and feel to us today, after the election, let’s show up with sensitivity, understanding, and respect for all others. Let’s be symbols and messengers of hope by letting our inner beauty shine in the world.

With love and kindness,

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