Charlene Costanzo, author of the upcoming The Twelve Gifts from the Garden, has a few inspirational words for anyone looking to heal.

“A garden is to be enjoyed, and should satisfy the mind and not only the eye of the beholder. Sounds such as the rustle of bamboo and the dripping of water, scents and sensations…appeal to the emotions.” ~ Penelope Hobhouse

Gardens appeal to our spirits too. Nature’s sights, scents, and sounds can light the candle in our hearts and answer the callings in our souls.
I feel especially nourished when I’m in a cluster of giant bamboo, the wind is blowing, and there’s music to be heard. Along with rustling, knocking, clacking, and swishing, the sound of waves can be heard when you place your ear against the cool, smooth bamboo skin. I just recently learned about the sound of the ocean in bamboo.

There’s something wondrous to be discovered every day on our beautiful planet Earth. Let’s be open to learning something new today. To healings happening too.

In love with beauty and joy,

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